Imen Siar Shares the Message of Belonging and Connection Behind New Single 'Lonely People'

If you're not yet familiar with singer-songwriter Imen Siar, her new song "Lonely People" is about to have you hooked.

The London-based singer is of Moroccan descent, but was born and raised in Milan, Italy, and sings her heart out in six different languages. Growing up, she just didn't see musical artists who looked like her—and she wants to be just that person for the next generation, making music for everyone while championing the importance of representation and sharing her powerful life story with the world.

And her new song, "Lonely People," is a stunning, piano-backed ode to belonging and connection. We were lucky enough to get the chance to find out all about the song from Imen, who shared its significance and what its lyrics truly mean with us.

The Story Behind 'Lonely People'

Imen Siar: In these hard times, especially after the pandemic and all the wars happening in the world, it's easy for people to feel lonely and to feel a bit lost. And I wanted to make people think about the magic that would be created if people that are lonely spoke about feeling lonely in order to find others that are in their same situation, and therefore they would all have someone.


What 'Lonely People' Means

IS: It's something that I find fascinating because people that are lonely can often tell from other people's behavior that they are lonely, too. But the world is so scared of rejection that no one speaks about their feelings. And "lonely people" is about the opposite, what if people actually could see who the other lonely people were?

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Imen's Favorite Lyric

IS: "I'm a diamond in the dark, watch me shine on," as it's almost as if it spoke about me before and me earlier. I've always been a diamond, but the difference is that now people will see me shine.

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