Impala's Bubble Soft Mules Are TO DIE FOR

We're not ones to be overdramatic (okay, maybe a bit), but there's just something about new shoes that gets our hearts fluttering.

And no, we're not talking about some boring sneakers or bootswe're talking about bubble mules. What are those, you might find yourself asking? Prepare to have your world blown away because Impala Skate just launched (today!) their brand new Bubble Soft Mules. Here's what you need to know.

How much are they?

The mules retail for $54.95!

impala skate bubble soft mule

(via Impala Skate)


Where can I buy them?

You can purchase them directly through Impala Skate.


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What colors are available?

There are two colors currently available—Wild Pink and Onyx Black.


How do they feel on the feet?

To be quite honest, they feel like nothing—like air! You forget they're even on your feet—that's how comfortable they are.

impala skate bubble soft mule

(via Impala Skate)


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How should I style them?

There are so many fun ways to style the Bubble Mules, and since the brand is a skate brand, first and foremost, they're meant to be worn in between skating sessions. But if that's not your jam, wear them with literally anything. With cargos, dresses, shorts, jeans—honestly, these babies will look good with just about everything.


Are they clunky?

While these mules do have a six-centimeter platform heel, they are by no means clunky. In fact, they feel like you're walking on a cloud, but you get a bit of extra height! What's not to love?


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Where should I wear them?

Wear them literally anywhere and everywhere. If you're a skater, rock them to the skatepark. Coffee girly? Rock them to pick up an iced latte. Running errands? These would be perfect.

impala skate bubble soft mule

(via Impala Skate)


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