I Bought an Impressions Vanity Mirror—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

As a beauty editor, I think it's pretty safe to say I have a larger makeup and skincare collection than most.

And after finally building myself a beauty closet this summer (okay fine, my boyfriend built it), I was in the mood to take things to the next level. I have a vanity with a plain old mirror, but the lighting was terrible, and I knew my best bet was to invest in a professional-grade vanity mirror. And since I've tried smaller, portable mirrors from Impressions Vanity, I knew that was the brand I wanted to go with.

They were kind enough to hook me up with a discount code, and I got to shopping. Below, you'll find my full review of the Hollywood Premiere Slim Plus Vanity Mirror.

The Product

Hollywood Premiere Slim Plus Vanity Mirror: $519

For my mirror, I knew I wanted it to cover a good portion of my vanity (which is really just a repurposed mirrored desk). I ended up choosing the Hollywood Premiere Slim Plus Vanity Mirror because it falls on the lower price point of most of the mirrors from Impressions Vanity, looks super sleek and it matched the rest of my bedroom decor.

It shipped relatively quickly in packaging that kept everything safe and wasn't too hard to put together. I had the option of either placing it on a stand that would go directly on my desk, or I could mount it into my wall with the hardware they provided.


(via Impressions Vanity)

I opted for the wall mount—I personally think it looks chicer that way, and so I got to work (just kidding, it was my boyfriend again). He has a whole set of tools including a stud finder and a drill, so with those it made the whole process very easy and quick (in his words). Once the mirror was secured into the wall, I finally took over and screwed in all of the lightbulbs into their designated spots.

The end result looked so good—my new station looks like that of a professional makeup artist! These days, since I'm working from home, I'll admit I don't put makeup on pretty much ever. However, with my new bestie, it'made me want to get all glammed up! After using it for the first time and adjusting the lighting to full power, I was shocked at how much I could see—every pore, imperfection, you name it, was on full display.


For some people, that might be a turnoff, but I'm glad to see it all up close and personal. The mirror has actually helped me achieve better makeup looks, with the lighting showing me places that need more blending, color correcting and so forth.


Bottom Line

All in all, I'very happy with my purchase. And while it's obviously an investment, if you take your beauty routine seriously and are willing to invest in yourself, I say go for it.

In fact, right now, Impressions Vanity is having a killer sale, and the mirror I got is over $100 off. The site always has great sales, so definitely keep an eye out and join their mailing list.


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