Trust Us, No One Likes a Complainer

Venting and expressing our feelings to someone about a situation is important because it helps us get through emotions that weigh us down.

Seeing your ex with a new S.O., dealing with the angst you feel around a parent or teacher, doing poorly in class, facing a bully, getting into a car accident and getting into a fight with a friend are among the many valid reasons to let it all out. After all, if we keep things bottled up, we'll eventually (figuratively) explode.

But there's a big difference between venting about something that evokes emotion and simply lamenting about something just because it isn't up to par with how you'd like.

Trust us when we say, no one wants to hear you complain. Complaining is straight-up wasted, negative energy that doesn't benefit anyone—especially you. In a given moment, it may offer some sense of fulfillment to agonize over how you can't keep your eyes open, or how you regret eating that bagel for lunch, but guess what? Nobody cares.

Josie talking to Betty on Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)

In a perfect world, we'love going to school, we'd get eight uninterrupted hours of sleep each night, we'd kick our toxic ex to the curb without flinching, we'd delight in the way everything tastes, we'd never get cramps during our period, we'd never be bored, and the temperature would always be just right. But guess what? Life isn't meant to be flawless. And, the minor things you complain about are things everyone deals with. No one feels sorry for you because you're freezing. No one is giving a second thought to the fact that you're not a morning person. Again, no one cares.

When you complain, not only do you brand yourself as "the girl who complains all the time," but you spread negativity when you could be spinning your so-called woes into something positive, or holding off from expressing them at all. While it's certainly true that misery loves company (yes, there will always be someone out there who will embrace your complaints), that's not the company you want to attract! If you maintain a positive disposition, you'll attract positive people, and positive things will be more likely to happen in your life.

Mean Girls

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)

If you want to complain about something that's within your control, hold off on whining, and do something about the issue. If you're sick of being single, be more proactive in the dating space or better yourself to attract the right suitors; if your room's a mess and it's driving you crazy, clean it!; if you're sick of being broke, get a job. Wouldn't it feel so much better to turn around and be boastful about your happiness or accomplishments, rather than constantly coming off disappointed?

The next time you find yourself complaining just to complain, stop yourself and think about what you want to accomplish. If what you want to say is actually releasing some emotion or helping you deal with an issue, then go for it. But if you gain nothing by sharing your thoughts or opinion, hold off—and watch your mindset begin to change.


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