How to Get Your Best Instagram Feed Ever This Year

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to get your Instagram feed on point? Well lucky for you, we're here to help you get your best aesthetic ever.

Social media is more than just a place to share photos of your friends and family—it's your life in squares that can ultimately help or hurt you get into a college, get a job, or even meet a new S.O. It's important to be mindful of the things you post, but you also don't need to take it too seriously.

Below, we're sharing tried and true tips to getting your feed looking fab.

Be Selective

This is definitely the most important. Just because you took a photo or went out with friends doesn't mean it has to be posted on the feed. Be selective about the photos and videos you post, only posting things that are high quality. A grainy, dimly lit photo just isn't going to cut it in 2018. Save those for your personal memories, for Facebook or even Insta Story.


Narrow Down Your Filters

An easy way to have a cohesive theme is to go through your editing app—VSCO, Snapseed, Dark Room or After Light—and preselect 2-4 filters that you love, and use those consistently for all of your photos. Keeping your presets to four or less will create a consistent color scheme across your page. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even create a signature treatment for all of your photos. For example, in After Light you can first apply Cascade at 35%, and then add on Isle at 35% for a completely unique look and feel that's all your own.

Happily Grey Instagram Feed

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Get Your BFF in on the Feed

Have a bestie who is equally as into social media? Two girls are always better than one! A BFF or sister is the perfect accessory for all of your pictures.

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A post shared by ????????Sara (@collagevintage) on


Switch Up the Angles

Take a good look at your feed. Do you tend to post a lot of the same style of photos? A good way to get a great looking feed is to mix up your shots. Think of it more as a scrolling Pinterest board, visualizing which photos will look nice next to each other and complement one another. For example, if you post a selfie, then you probably won't want to post another selfie until the first selfie is on the second row in the middle.

Allison McNamara Instagram Feed

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Become an Editing Wizard

Spend some time on the different editing apps and get acquainted. Influencers these days use up to five different editing apps to get those picture-perfect photos you see in your feeds. Now we're not encouraging you to completely transform your face or photo—which believe us, you can do a LOT on these apps—but there's nothing wrong with enhancing your best assets. In FaceTune, for example, the detail tool is great for making your eyes, lashes and hair pop, as well as sharpening up things like palm trees or your furry feline. Also in FaceTune, the whitening tool can brighten up a super dingy yellow background, make your teeth look a bit whiter and can also enhance your eye color.


Plan Ahead

If you're serious about getting into the social media space, it's never too late to start! A good way to get a rhythm and cadence going with your IG feed is to plan ahead. There are awesome apps like UNUM that tile out your feed and allow you to swap things around to see which order you like best.



Share Videos

Have an amazing IG story that's too good to let go? Post it on the feed! Videos are a great for engagement and spice up the look and feel of your IG. Plus, they allow your friends and followers to see more of your personality.

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