21 Realities Every Impulsive Online Shopper Has Experienced

Look, you and I both know that you're not addicted to online shopping, you could stop anytime. But the question is, why would you?

If you're an impulsive online shopper like me, then these thoughts and truths have definitely filtered in and out of your life like items in your shopping cart:

1. The natural order of thoughts every time you find an online item you want to purchase: I want it → I need it → I really shouldn't → But I should.

2. You see a person wearing a very specific shirt featuring your favorite obscure television character and you think, I bet I can find that online. Nothing is stopping you from pulling out your phone and searching the web, your frantic search half-powered by desire for the shirt and half by sheer determination.

3. When your favorite cosmetic company announces on Insta that they're having a major sale, that expensive beauty mask that you wanted becomes, "I need this for my spiritual health."

4. The only thing that can hinder your impulse to buy is when you see that $5.99 shipping cost.

5. You buy birthday presents for your friends year 'round because you're skilled in the art of finding the perfectly tailored gift for every friend's strangely specific interests.

Excited girl online shopping during Christmas

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6. You tell yourself you're checking your email so you don't miss important messages but really you're checking in on any online deals or offers. But, like you said, important messages.

7. When you're shopping with friends you rarely buy anything because you're trying to save, but as soon as a perfectly timed FB ad scrolls through your Newsfeed, you immediately check out with PayPal.

8. Cyber Monday is your highest holiday.  

9. When you see something online that must have been created specifically for you, you actually shout TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY.

Girl online shopping on the floor

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10. You live by the mantra that you have to buy things on sale now because you'll just end up spending more when it returns to full price later. Really, you're saving money in the long run. It just doesn't look like it right now.

11. You have countless items saved in every possible online site imaginable… just waiting for the impulsive urge to strike.

12. You enjoy shopping even when you never click the checkout button. It almost, sort of, feels like you buy new things when you just store them in your shopping cart.

Items in online shopping cart on cell phone

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13. You tell yourself time and again that you will never, ever buy jeans, shoes or swimsuits online because they never fit right. And yet…

14. Three conflicting emotions you experienced this past Amazon Prime Day: stress, euphoria, regret. Regret, either because you bought stuff you didn't really need (thanks, AMAZING DEALS) or because you failed to buy things you really did need.

15. When you see that a site offers free shipping after the first $75 spent you're like, well I guess I'm not getting free shipping, and then an hour later you're like, Well, I really should add one more item because I'll be spending that money anyway…

16. You buy clothes or accessories that you don't necessarily want or need just because your favorite celeb is selling items from their closet. Look, this is an investment! Someday that ankle bracelet will be worth millions.

17. You may not know your best friend's cell numbers by heart but you sure do have your credit card number memorized.

18. Anytime you even see a meme suggesting you "Treat yo' self," you decide to comply with logic.

Donna telling Tom from Parks and Rec to "treat yourself"

(Parks and Recreation via NBC)

19. You don't let yourself spend money on various activities with friends such as going out to dinner but you end up spending double that amount on a Nasty Gal closing sale while your friends are dining.

20. You sometimes hide purchases because you're embarrassed to admit that you, yet again, ordered something online.

21. When you have to enter your CVV number and there's a "helpful" link to click in case you don't know where your CVV number is and you're sitting there like, who doesn't know what a CVV number is??


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