Looking for Ridiculously Comfy, Yet Eco-Friendly and Affordable Tees? Try In Common

Ever since I started working from home, I've really embraced the importance of an ultra-comfy outfit.

Over time, I found that I phased out most of my favorite T-shirts for comfortable sweaters and loungewear, realizing that when it came to quality and how they felt on my skin, most of my tees just didn't cut it. I want clothes that are soft and easy to move in—not scratchy and stiff. And that's where In Common comes in.

The sustainable and eco-conscious brand recently introduced T-shirts to their collection, and when they reached out to me to try them, I just had to say yes. Their tees have quickly become some of my go-to closet staples—and here's why.

The Brand

In Common was developed around the idea of celebrating the things we all share, rather than focusing on our differences—and that includes their staple product, comfy underwear. Their products are created to be cost-friendly and affordable, while also fitting just right. They use sustainable fabrics and have fair-wage employment practices, without ever sending their products in a bunch of packaging that'll just wind up in a landfill.

The result is awesome bras, underwear, loungewear and now, T-shirts, that are made the right way, so you can be proud of wearing them. All of their products are made using a combination of TENCEL Modal fibers extracted from beech wood, Better Cotton Initiative cotton and 100% recycled EcoVerde Threads, for maximum comfort, with a lessened environmental impact.

In Common The Better T-shirt

(via In Common)


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The Shirts

The Better Women's Crew: $30

I was so excited when my T-shirts arrived from In Common, and as promised, they came in a handy compostable mailer, with bio compostable polybags. The Better Women's Crew came in a super cute Storm Blue color that was unique from any of my other tees, and when I put it on, the fit was fabulous, with the perfect crew neckline, and it felt great.

The shirt wasn't just breathable, but also incredibly soft. It's made from a blend of cotton and moisture-wicking, antimicrobial Modal material, which also makes it great for workouts or days when you know you're going to get your sweat on. I love it for layering or wearing on its own, and it's even comfy enough to fall asleep in.

In Common The Better Women's Crew

(via In Common)


The Better Women's Deep V: $30

The Better Women's Deep V was more of the same, but with a nice, super-flattering V-neck and a stunning red Rhubarb color. Again, it was airy and so soft, but I especially loved that the V came to just the right height so that it wasn'too revealing. If you're like me, you probably have V-necks that dip a little bit too low and wind up showing off your bra in a way you'd prefer they didn't. That's not at all the case with this V-neck, with the cut in just the right spot.

In Common The Better Women's Deep V

(via In Common)


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Bottom Line

Overall, I highly recommend In Common and the T-shirts I've tried from them. I love their earth- and human-conscious model, and their pieces look as good as they feel on the skin. The prices are also quite good, especially when you compare them to fast-fashion pieces that ask for similar prices, but don't support the same great practices. I'd go so far as to say that these might become your favorite T-shirts.


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