14 Truths You'll Relate to If You Struggle With Indecisiveness

Making decisions is hard.

And sadly, in the course of a single day, there are so many decisions that need to be made. What do we want to eat? What Netflix show do we want to watch? What should we do with our friends tonight? It's too much—especially for those of us who are painfully indecisive.

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It's not that indecisive people can'make decisions, it's just that we want to be absolutely certain we make the right one 100% of the time. With those kind of standards, it's no wonder that giving definitive answers in short amounts of time is basically impossible.

If the above description sounds like you to a T, scroll below for 14 truths you'll only relate to if you're indecisive.

1. You've fully accepted that simple life decisions will be difficult for you. In fact, you've factored an extra 20 minutes into your morning because you know you'll have to cycle through a few outfit variations before you're actually ready to go.

2. Although you've completely accepted you're an indecisive person, it doesn't stop you from being annoyed with yourself. You're literally just trying to pick what you want for breakfast—why is this so hard?!

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3. It also doesn't stop other people from being annoyed with you, so you have to remind yourself that you can only ask your friends the same question so many times before you have to ponder your decision quietly in your own head.

4. Speaking of spending time with friends, there is literally nothing more anxiety-inducing on a girls night out than the words "you decide."

5. So you've become known as the person who just goes with the flow. Little do they know when you say, "Oh, I'm fine with whatever," what you really mean is ,"I am absolutely incapable of deciding what we do please do it for me."

6. Your friends understand that you're indecisive, so they've stopped asking you to make decisions.

7. Now you just receive texts explaining the time, place and activity, so the only decision you have to make is what you should wear, if you should eat beforehand and what time should you leave because traffic might be bad. But you also don't want to be too early—ugh, the decisions never end!

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8. When you're forced to make decisions, you spend hours weighing the pros and cons of every problem, big and small. Which restaurant should you go to for dinner? Let's break out the notebook, this might take a while.

9. When you do finally make a decision, you are constantly second-guessing yourself.

10. And don't even get us started on shopping. Buyer's remorse is basically a given, every time you step out of a store.

11. You're all about gathering other people's opinions before you make a decision. It's not uncommon to talk to 5, 10 or 15 people before you're ready to make your final choice.

12. When you find something you like, you stick with it no matter what. Ordering the same food at your favorite restaurant and playing your favorite song on repeat is a great way to reduce some of the anxiety that comes along with your everyday decisions.

13. Honestly, you would be totally happy if every life decision was just made for you. Is there some kind of service where another person just plans out every step of your life? Because sign us up!

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14. Being indecisive is hard, but you've learned to live with it. It's better than making snap judgement that you later regret. Isn't it?


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