Your Official Guide to Actress, Singer and Model Indiana Massara

Indiana Massara is the powerhouse female people have been sleeping on until now.

She's an actress, model and singer from Australia we can't get enough of and needed to share with you all.

Here is the official guide to her below!


(Photo Courtesy of Indiana Massara)

Name: Indiana Massara

Birthday: Aug. 23

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. One of her biggest accomplishments so far includes the release of her single "Drama." "The immediate support of Radio Disney at [age] 14 is a fairytale," she tells Sweety High.

2. One of the biggest goals she has for her music career is to collaborate with fellow artist Khalid. This is something we don't just want to happen, but actually need to happen.

3. She shares our love for food. "I'm Italian [so] I eat constantly," she shares. In addition to snacking on Pringles, she names HOPE restaurant in Studio City as her fave eatery.

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4. She's incredibly passionate about music and wants to find a way to turn it into a philanthropy. "I want to learn sign language," she says. "Bringing music to the deaf and including them as an artist, is a future focus for me."

5. She has a thing for historic cities like London, but wants to visit Turkey the most. She is a huge history nerd who loves exploring old places.

6. Her whole wardrobe is straight out of Topshop. She obviously has amazing taste.

7. Her celeb crush list is beyond impressive. Her list includes Shawn Mendes, Romeo Beckham and Theo James but we can't ask her to choose an all-time fave, she says it's "like picking a favorite child." We're surprised the list doesn't include Brad Pitt, this epic tee proves he's at least somewhere on the list.

8. Her go-to drink from Starbucks is a green tea peach lemonade. She knows it's absolutely necessary to combat the morning struggle and says the day is "all downhill without one!"


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