7 Summer Date Ideas When It's Just Too Hot to Be Outside

Dating during the summer can be fun—so fun, in fact, that plenty of songs have been written about it for ages.

But whether you're more of a "cool for the summer"girl, "summer lovin'" the heat kind of guy or fall anywhere else in between, the actual summer weather isn't always as pretty as the lyrics of our favorite anthems of the season make it seem, and this can put quite a damper on your date plans. After all, summer is the time when we should be outdoors as much as possible, soaking in the rays and jumping in pools and having as much fun in the sun as we can, right? Except when it's so hot that you can't fathom going for that cute long walk or picnic date like you'd planned.

That doesn't mean you have to put a stop to your love life until fall (or, ahem, cuffing season) rolls around again, though. There are plenty of date ideas for summer that won't leave you sweating, including:

1. An Old-Fashioned Dinner-and-a-Movie Date

Other than the fact the genuine joy of "going to the movies" was taken away from us for the better part of two years, whatever happened to a good old-fashioned dinner plus a movie date? This one has been a classic whether you're on a first date or a fiftieth, and it's perfect when you just need to be anywhere that has working A.C. Besides, there are so many blockbusters out this summer that you'll have plenty of opportunities to have yourself a date like this.

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2. A Theme Park Date

Sure, going to a theme park during summer does mean having to brave the scorching temperatures. However, theme parks are literally set up for you to enjoy yourself, and that means that they provide plenty of ways to keep cool while your love life heats up on your date. Whether you opt for riding all the water rides or stick to watching the many shows the park puts on during the hottest hours of the day before heading to all the outdoor fun at night (plenty of theme parks host extended hours over the summer), there's a way for you to make the most of it even on the warmest of days.


3. Have a Book-Swap Date

Head to your nearest (and/or cutest) local bookstore and pick each other out a book you know the other will love, then spend the day relaxing at the café reading and simply spending time together. It's a unique, fun and inexpensive way to have a date when you just can't fathom staying outdoors.


4. Go on a Food Tour of Your City

All those fun local food shops that have popped up in your city recently that you haven't gotten the chance to try yet? Make a day out of going to all of them and trying them! Let's be real, you probably follow a ton of food accounts on your Instagram for cool bakeries, ice cream shops and other hot spots in your city, so there's no better way to actually find out if the food tastes as good as it looks than by, well, tasting it! Plus, doing it on a date means that you can share things in order to leave room for the next place, creating your own little food tour of your city.

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5. Go to a Museum

Museum dates are a great idea year-round, but especially over the summer when they act as a bit of a solace simply for the sake of their air conditioning. Plus, a ton of museums will do things like cheap or free tickets for students or extended hours on certain days of the week, so you can truly make the most of your date experience and bond over all the incredible (or just downright weird) pieces of art you find.


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6. Paint Each Other

Speaking of art, why not both make it and be it with a personal paint night date? All it takes is some cheap supplies you can pick up at any craft store or even Walmart, as well as a place where you can safely paint without permanently damaging any furniture. Then you can each create a painting of your partner—whether you take it literally and paint a rendition of them or a little more figuratively by painting something that reminds you of them (a great option if your skills aren't so great and you want to avoid offending your partner).


7. Have a Workout Date

If you're down to sweat on your date due to something other than the weather, you can't underestimate how fun a gym date can be. Not only will you get to see each other in your finest athleisure, but it's also a fun way to stay active and be healthy together—which is actually a great way to bond and form a supportive relationship. Plus, you'll have a built-in spotter for all your toughest sets, and that just seems like a solid win-win to us.

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All in all, the options for date ideas over the summer are limited only by your imagination, even when the weather is too hot to plan anything outdoors. And when fall finally comes around again, you can find more fun date ideas for this cozier season by clicking HERE.