Infinity is AJR's New EP!

AJR released their new Infinity EP on September 16, granting fans access to four all-new songs, plus a remix of their hit single, "I'm Ready"!Ajr Infinity EP

The EP begins with the title track, "Infinity," which seems poised to be the band's next big hit. With sweetly nostalgic lyrics and lighthearted verses that lead into a huge, epic chorus with a rousing beat, it's sure to delight the band's fans.

The second track on the EP, "Alice By the Hudson," features a slower tune and great vocal harmonies, plus some computerized sounds that bring a fresh and unexpected feel to the song.

Infinity also includes the haunting "Pitchfork Kids" and a lighter piano and uke tracked called "3AM," plus a dance remix of the familiar tune, "I'm Ready"!

The whole 5-track EP is available for on iTunes for just $4.05! Check it out here, and listen to "Infinity," embedded below!

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