11 Pieces of Infinity Stone Jewelry That Will Make You Feel as Mighty as Thanos Himself

If you've seen Avengers: Infinity War, you know that the Infinity Gauntlet is a big deal, and chances are you can't wait to wait until the next movie to see how things will finally play out.

Because we can't use the Time Stone to zip ahead to May 3, 2019 when Avengers 4 releases, we're biding our time by admiring Thanos' unique sense of style. You can steal the look, too, with one of these unique jewelry pieces.

Infinity Gauntlet Ring: $10.99

If you're looking for a powerful pop of color, but want something a bit more subtle than a gauntlet, this small, gem-studded ring will do the trick. It packs all the essence of the stones into a piece of jewelry you can wield on a single finger.

Infinity gauntlet ring from Etsy

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Chunky Infinity Gauntlet Handchain: $55

On the other hand, if you're trying to make a statement, you can go all out with a chunky gold hand chain adorned with giant Infinity Stone gems. Rocking this stylish piece will make you feel just as powerful and confident as Thanos of Titan, and then some.

Chunky infinity gauntlet handchain from Etsy

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Eye of Agamotto Pendant: $24

This flashy pendant, with a shimmering green Time Stone inside, won't actually let you fast-forward, reverse or pause time, but it will make you look as cool as Doctor Strange—and that's just as good.

Eye of Agamoto (time stone) pendant from Etsy

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Infinity Stone Stackable Rings: $32

We love how thin and understated Infinity Stone rings are. You can stack them in any way you like on your fingers, or even mix and match them depending on your needs from the day. If you're about to head into a test you didn't study for, maybe the Mind Stone will sharpen your comprehension and a Reality Stone will turn the tides in your favor. There are so many possibilities.

Infinity Stone stackable rings from Etsy

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Infinity Gauntlet Earrings: $8.99

Jewelry doesn't have to just represent the Infinity Gauntlet. These turn the gauntlet into simple, dangling earrings that any Marvel fan is sure to love.

Infinity gauntlet earrings from Etsy

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Soul Stone Crystal Necklace: $20

The Soul Stone is coveted and mysterious, and it's perhaps the hardest Infinity Stone of all to obtain. This one only demands a sacrifice of $20—which isn't bad considering the alternatives.

Soul stone crystal necklace from Etsy

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Infinity Stone Stud Earrings: 6 Pairs for $50

These glimmering Infinity Stone stud earrings have the perfect mystical look to represent their incredible power. Though this listing comes with a pair of each Infinity Stone color, we love the idea of mixing and matching to find the combination that's right for you.

Infinity Stone stud earrings from Etsy

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Light Infinity Gauntlet Hand Chain: $22

If you love the idea of a hand chain but have a more low-key sense of fashion, try this one on for size. The chain is lighter and the gems are smaller, but it still packs the same punch as the larger version.

Light infinity gauntlet handchain from Etsy

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Infinity Pin: $20

If you have a tough time committing to any one piece of jewelry or clothing, we recommend this simple accessory. The gold pin and shining Infinity Stones makes it totally Thanos-worthy, and you can clip it onto your hat, backpack or jacket to make a statement that can go with you anywhere.

Infinity pin from Etsy

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Infinity Stone Bar Necklace: $19.99

This gold necklace manages to be understated and flashy at the same time. Like the Infinity Stones, it's small but mighty, and those colors really pop.

Infinity Stone bar necklace

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Tesseract Necklace: $15

We really wish this necklace would let us travel anywhere in the universe in an instant. It doesn't, but we still love the way it looks.

Tesseract (space stone) necklace from Etsy

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