INIKO Asks Listeners to Challenge Themselves in Their New Song, 'The King's Affirmation'

INIKO's new single, "The King's Affirmation," isn't quite like anything we've heard before—and that's what makes it so impossible to ignore.

Through this song, the viral TikTok artist uses their one-of-a-kind voice and out-of-this-world instrumentation to create something that's an experience as much as it is a song, like a hymn, welcoming us into another dimension. It's all about challenging things—yourself, societal norms and all of the rules—to discover the truth, and we think we're about to hear it everywhere as a sexy and empowering TikTok sound. Once we heard it, we had to learn more, and we got the chance to ask INIKO themself all about the track and its lyrics. Click HERE to check out the song on Spotify, and keep reading to discover what they revealed to us.

The Story Behind 'The King's Affirmation'

INIKO: "The King's Affirmation" was inspired by a Nicki Minaj song. My goal was to approach that beat as if it was given to me. I knew I could not hold back as far as what I wanted to be felt when it was heard. I knew that whatever I wrote had to be extremely intentional to the reality I am currently creating for myself. I am known for reimagining and reworking popular songs on TikTok. These lyrics came to me through challenging myself in this way.


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What 'The King's Affirmation' Means

INIKO: This song is a sonic embodiment of true access to the magic that I possess. This song came to be because I was experiencing a lot of ignorance from people who chose not to see me for all that I am and all that I am capable of. This song channeled that. This song is me talking to every single person who has ever told me that who I am is not who I should be. Being someone whose very existence is a contradiction to many societal norms, it can become easy to feel like an outsider.

I hope my listeners feel empowered to challenge their very beings. To challenge what it is to be great. Because greatness is so much more than this three-dimensional timeline.

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INIKO's Favorite Lyric

INIKO: "Rules make me more defiant, I will never be compliant, I got it down to a science."

So this lyric specifically I am speaking to the idea that the norms we created have simply always been. That there are strict rules, specifically to gender binary, as I am genderless. I am directly speaking about my being and that I become more defiant the more authentic I am.

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