Sweety High & Radio Disney Rock the "Inside Out" Premiere!

For the latest episode of SweetBeatTV, our host Alex Schiffman teams up with Radio Disney's Candice to cover the purple carpet for Disney and Pixar's new film Inside Out! Get an exciting inside scoop on the film below, and read on to find out our favorite moments from the premiere.

Best Friends Whenever stars Lauren Taylor and Landry Bender show off their go-to Bitmoji faces.

best friends whenever lauren taylor landry bender bitmoji faces inside out

Alex and Candice go down the "Long-Term Memory Maze" slide.

inside out alex and candice go down the long term memory maze slide

What does the little voice in Bill Hader's head say first thing in the morning? "Where am I?!?"

bill hader voice of fear in inside out talks about the voice in his head

The voice of Sadness, Phyllis Smith, shares the joy she experienced seeing her character for the first time!

inside out phyllis smith voice of sadness

Kaitlyn Dias, the voice of Riley, imitates Disgust as she eats broccoli pizza.

inside out kaitlyn dias voice of riley disgusted at broccoli pizza

Amy Poehler reveals that if she didn't play Joy, she would have LOVED to be Anger!

inside out amy poehler voice of joy reveals she would love to play anger

Can't wait for Inside Out? Share your excitement in the comments below. The movie hits theaters tomorrow, June 19, so don't miss it! For more on Inside Out, also be sure to check out the related articles.