FBF: Things Get ~Emotional~ At Disney Pixar's "Inside Out" Premiere

Inside Out was one of our fave movies of 2015 (and of 2016…not sorry), for sure. We were overJOYed too when we heard that Amy Poehler was nominated for an MTV Movie Award in the Best Virtual Performance category for her portrayal of Joy in the film. She was HI-larious and she def made the film that much more magical. Flashback to when our host Alex Schiffman and Candice from Radio Disney attended the premiere together to chat with Amy and the other stars of the movie. Candice discovered the other emotion Amy would've loved to play and it is not the emotion we would've guessed. WATCH NOW!

You've obviously taken our quiz to see which emotion from the movie you are, right? RIGHT?! If you haven't, you need to…like ASAP, so just do it right here and now.