10 YouTubers Who Never Cease to Inspire Us

As of late, the YouTube community has been hit with scandal after scandal.

It seems each day, yet another of our favorite YouTubers has gotten themselves into some sort of mess that's sullied the world's view on these creators.

We're not about to call anyone out, because we're above that (and because you're probably aware of what we're referencing here). Instead, we decided to shine a light on some YouTubers who continually inspire us with the content they produce.

Check them all out below!

1. Cartia Mallan

We've only recently started watching this Australian beauty's videos, but have since become huge fans. Most of her content is dedicated to lifestyle, beauty, travel and fashion, but she's so much more than that. Cartia isn't afraid to open up about her mental health challenges and overall life struggles, inspiring others to seek the help they need in the process.


2. Eva Gutowski

It's been such a treat watching Eva grow into the incredible human being she is over the course of her YouTube career. We haven't been there since the beginning, but we did hop aboard the Eva train pretty early on. She originally started out as a fashion and beauty guru, but has since opened her channel to a variety of content. You name it, Eva's done us and inspired us to embrace who we are with each and every video she released.


3. Bri Hall

Bri isn't simply a beauty guru. She's one that's empowered us in so many ways, and reminded us that beauty really is only skin deep. Whenever we're feeling down or like we need a little boost to our confidence, Bri's videos are always there to pick us right back up and let us know we're so much more than the selfies we take.


4. Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie first caught our attention on Vine (RIP) with her hilarious shorts. She stole our hearts in less than six seconds. After the app's unfortunate demise, she went on to create her YouTube channel, become an author and a singer-songwriter. She does it all. Most importantly, she keeps it real about life. Gabbie has her fun videos, but she also goes deep.


5. Elle Mills

Before we even really got to know Elle, we were thoroughly entertained by the fake trailers she created for some of our favorite movies. She turned The Lizzie McGuire Movie into a thriller and Stranger Things into a romantic comedy. A creative genius, this one is. Once we discovered Elle makes a variety of hysterical content, the rest was history.


6. Patrick Starrr

One of the most stunning individuals to ever grace us with his videos, Patrick can turn out a beauty look like no other. More importantly, he inspires us to follow our dreams, and embrace who we are and share that with the world.


7. Karina Garcia

The slime goddess, Karina is basically the reason it became such a major thing in the first place. It was a huge hit a few years ago, but is still pretty popular today. We have Karina to thank for that. Her DIY videos keep us creative and remind us not to take life too seriously. Sometimes you really need to just slow down and make some slime with your besties.


8. Lilly Singh

Discussing everything that makes Lilly the amazing, showstopping, stunning, brilliant, incredible human she is in a short paragraph isn't going to cut it. She truly is the human embodiment of a unicorn with the amount of talent she has. And now, she's about to embark on the gig of a lifetime—hosting her very own late-night talk show. We cannot wait to watch!


9. Rosanna Pansino

Ro is one of the sweetest YouTubers you'll ever have the chance of coming across in your life. She's so incredibly adorable, and makes content that always leaves us with a smile on our face. She never disappoints, and it's been that way since we first started watching her videos many moons ago.


10. Jenna Marbles

Where do we even start with Jenna? She really is the reason we became so invested in YouTube in the first place, apart from the plethora of cat videos on the site. Her videos get funnier and funnier as the years go on. We don't know how she does it, but she always finds a way to outdo herself. The only annoying thing is that we aren't BFFs with her IRL. Maybe one day?


Already a fan of one or more of these peeps and hoping to get their attention? We can help. HERE's everything you need to do to get a response from your fave YouTuber.