7 Hacks for Maintaining Your Insta Aesthetic

Have you ever looked at someone's Insta feed and been completely overwhelmed by how effortlessly gorgeous it is? We have. And, let us assure you, lots of effort is put into creating it.

Creative Kipi Instagram feed

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Having a beautiful Insta feed is all about consistency, cohesiveness and creativity—all three of which you are capable of achieving!

If you're looking to boost your Insta game, take a peek at these seven hacks that can make your account shine.


1. Decide What Story You're Trying to Tell

If you want your Insta feed to really stand out, you must have some sort of theme or a story to tell. What's your thing? Do you love food, fashion, traveling or outdoor adventures? Hone in on one of those, and your page will instantly come to life!
Julie's Kitchen Instagram feed

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2. Decide What Your Color Scheme Will Be

Do you like bright colors or muted tones? Picking that early on is critical if you want your feed to look cohesive. We suggest picking one filter or one editing technique you love, and then sticking with it. If you find yourself racking up pictures that all have a common color, post those consecutively for a nice, clean look. ????????

Brooke Sorenson Instagram feed

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3. Be Consistent With Cropping

Nothing is worse than scrolling through someone's feed and seeing that their pictures have been cropped into a bajillion different shapes. If you want to keep things simple, keep your pictures cropped in the good ol' square shape. If you're feeling a little adventurous, you can try mixing in a fun shape with the squares every so often. See how this user switches off between hexagons and squares? Your feed will look uh-maze with the two alternating shapes every other row.

Rachel Bell Instagram feed


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4. Know That Natural Light Is Your Best Friend

Nothing kills a feed's aesthetic faster than a picture with bad lighting. Always aim to take and post pictures that are lit properly. Soft light can give your page a fresh look that is so pleasing to the eye. 

Priscillax103's Instagram feed

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5. Try Lens Attachments for a New Perspective

If you're getting tired of posting the same types of images, try spicing up your photos by adding a different lens to your camera. There are several phone cases on the market that allow you to attach and detach different lenses in order to create cool effects. We're personal fans of the Imvio phone case that comes with both fisheye and wide angle lenses. 

GoPro Instagram Feed

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6. Use an Instagram Grid Preview

If you're really serious about your Insta feed looking top notch, then you understand the importance of planning out your pictures. Later is an Instagram tool that allows you to see how your scheduled post will look in your Instagram feed before you publish it! Uh-mazing right? It's grid preview feature allows you to modify and rearrange your scheduling post order so that it looks just the way you like it. No more deleting posts after they've published!
Screenshot of Later.com used to schedule Instagram posts

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7. Be Confident

This hack may seem like a no-brainer, but it is essential. Before and after you publish anything to Insta, be confident! Your feed expresses who you are. If you like the way your page looks, that is all that really matters. No like or comment should change the way you feel about that. Own it, girl!

Ispydiy Instagram feed

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