These Picture-Perfect, All-Black Foods Will Have You Doing a Double-Take

We live for all-black anything.

If you feel the same way about the dark color, you need to scroll through these 17 Instagram pics of all-black foods. Just one bite and you'll fully convert to the dark side. Muahahaha!

1. Black Ice Cream

We're not too sure how great black ice cream tastes, but we'll let you try it for yourself by following the simple tutorial below.

Black ice cream! ???? #delicious #foodporn #foodie #follow #dessert #blackicecream #icecream #sweets

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2. Black Hot Dog

You do not want to mess with this dog, dawg.


3. Black Cheese

Don't be fooled, this cheese hasn't gone bad, well at least in terms of taste.????

4. Black Waffles

We're not too keen on breakfast foods, but that was before we discovered these waffles. Give. Them. To. Us.


5. Black Macarons

We'd probably enjoy these macarons a little more if there were less pink and more black, just saying.

Custom #laduree #macaron #foodphotography #licorice#framboise#blackfood

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6. Black Cupcakes

Forget red velvet, it's all about black velvet.


7. Black Sushi

Squid ink sushi? Well, we'll try anything once.


8. Black Croissant

We'll take 20.


9. Black Unicorn Cookies

We've never seen a black unicorn before. But then again, we've never seen a unicorn before.


10. Black Burger

We want these buns, hun.


11. Black Bagel

The second it's officially fall, we'll be eating these day and night.


12. Black Crepes

The darker the crepes, the sweeter they taste.

เครปชาร์โคล #charcoal #crepe #yummy #blackfood

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13. Black Pasta

Can we haz it?


14. Black Kebab

Fool your besties into thinking you're eating burnt bread every time you take a bite of this savory meal.


15. Black Fortune Cookies

What will your misfortune be?


16. Black Dumplings

Creepy? Yes. Tasty? Maybe…


17. Black Cookie Butter

Probably the most delicious looking thing on this list.????

Click the link in my bio if you want to make this OREO COOKIE BUTTER and then eat the entire jar in one sitting

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