You Need These Photo Editing Apps on Your Phone

Posting the perfect picture to Instagram can be a major pain.

You have to take about a billion pictures before you find one you can edit. And then you spend about 90 hours editing said photo only to get 20 likes on it. Annoying.

Well, we're here to make that process a little bit easier on you by recommending seven photo editing apps sure to save the day!

Blonde girl using her iPhone in an open field

(Photo Credit: guteksk7 via Shutterstock)


VSCO photo editing app

(via VSCO)

Cost: Free

Why you should download it: VSCO lets you do just about any sort of edit you can imagine to your image. We're big fans of the wide variety of filters. You'll never not be able to find one that perfectly suits your photo.


2. 3D Effect

3D Effect photo editing app

(via 3D Effect)

Cost: $0.99

Why you should download it: Um, because this filter is rad and all your friends will be asking how you got your pics to look like that. Don't reveal your secret though!


3. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch photo editing app

(via TouchRetouch)

Cost: $1.99

Why you should download it: We've all experienced that pesky little problem when an object (or person) ruins a perfectly good photo. With this handy-dandy app on your phone, that complication will cease to exist.


4. Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions photo editing apps

(via Lens Distortions)

Cost: Free

Why you should download it: Add all the lens flare you little heart desires and then some with this app. You name a cool overlay, they've got it.


5. Afterlight

Afterlight photo editing app

(via Afterlight)

Cost: $0.99

Why you should download it: Sure, their filters and textures are great. But the single greatest thing about this app are the tons of frames you can pick from. Just make sure you picture the style of frame you want beforehand, otherwise you'll spend hours trying to find the right one for your photo.


6. Darkroom

Darkroom photo editing app

(via Darkroom)

Cost: Free

Why you should download it: You can make your own filters. Yep, you read that right. Unleash the Picasso within you and get crafting on your custom filter right away. Don't forget to share it with your squad so even they can use it, too.


7. Camera+

Camera+ photo editing app

(via Camera+)

Cost: $2.99

Why you should download it: You won't even need to edit your photos if you take them with the use of this app. Set your flash, focus and zoom all before you take the photo to ensure you get just the right snap on the first try.


With all these gorgeously edited photos you're about to have in your possession, your Insta feed will take a turn for the better aesthetically. Follow THESE seven hacks for maintaining your new aesthetic now.