According to a Pro, These Are the 5 Best Poses for Instagram

Social media, what would we do without you?

From Twitter, to TikTok, to Snapchat and Instagram, our phones are constantly lighting up with notifications from friends, family and the occasional creep. For a lot of us, Instagram is our go-to platform. Uploading pics of specially curated outfits, sunsets and outings take up our time.

But do you ever take a pic and think to yourself, "My pose looks so weird, what am I doing wrong?" We've all been there. And no, this is not about making yourself look skinny or finding the most flattering angle for every photo—it's about feeling confident about the pose, itself.

Below, fashion stylist Soneca Guadara breaks down the five best poses for Instagram:

1. Put Your Hand on Your Hip

For whatever reason, putting your hand on your hip comes across as super flattering in photos. It creates a curve along the side of your body, making your outfit look the way it's supposed to. If you're planning on tackling this pose, make sure to keep your face looking happy. The hand on the hip is already a bit harsh, so lighten up the photo's mood by smiling or even laughing.

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2. Put Your Best Face Forward

We all have a side. You've probably begged to switch spots before because you were on your "bad side." For whatever reason, we favor one side of our face. So, the next time you take a selfie, snap a few pics focusing on your good side, keeping your chin jutting out to avoid a double chin. Make sure you pay attention to the lighting. Pictures taken outside or in rooms with lots of natural lighting are the best.


3. Put One Foot in Front of the Other

If you're into candid photographs, you'll fall in love with this pose. Putting one foot in front of the other makes it look like you're mid-stride. Plus, it'll elongate your legs, making you appear taller. It's fun posting a pic every now and then with a story behind it. You're making people wonder where you were headed and what you were up to when the pic was taken.

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4. Lean on a Friend

Some of us hate taking pictures alone. It's awkward when you're in public and at times seems a bit vain. If this sounds anything like you, phone a friend! Make your bestie stand next to so that you have someone to lean on. Not only are they there for moral support, but they're there to hold you upright, too!


5. Stand Straight

We're willing to bet only one out of ten people has good posture. But as for the rest of us—it's something we struggle with on a daily basis. When taking pictures for Instagram, it's vital to keep your back straight. It doesn't matter if you're sitting, standing or walking, keep that back as straight as an arrow. Slouchy shoulders never look good in photos.

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Now that you've got the pose down, it's on to the post! Use one of THESE Instagram captions for all your fashion pics.