Show Off Your Apple Watch With One of These Instagram Captions

Calling all Apple Watch-wearers!

We are right there with you if you can't live without your Apple Watch. Not only does it tell us the time, but it allows us to send texts, check the weather, take calls, track runs, act as a flashlight, use Apple Pay, check email and so much more. Honestly, there's not much an Apple Watch can't do, so, if you feel like showing off a photo of your Apple Watch, look below for some great Instagram caption ideas.

For when you're having an amazing day:

"Time is what you make of it."


For that pic of you online shopping while wearing your Apple Watch:

"Time is money."

-Benjamin Franklin


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For when you're at the Apple store showing off your new purchase:

"Treated myself to an Apple Watch."


For that photo of you making the most of your day:

"Lost time is never found again."


For when you want to show off your new watch:

"And now my watch begins."

-The Night Watch, Game of Thrones


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For that pic of your watch when it says 11:11:

"Perfect timing."


For when you post a pic looking at your Apple Watch on your wrist:

"It's Apple Watch o'clock."


For that mirror selfie showing off your watch:

"What time is it, you ask?"


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For when you're chilling on the couch:

"Take time to chill."


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