Instagram Captions for When You're on Vacay in Big Bear, California

If you're traveling to Big Bear, California, we are majorly jealous.

Big Bear is a mountain town known for its watersports and hiking during the summer, and skiing and snowboarding during the winter. No matter what time of year you're there, you're bound to have a total blast. Look below for some of the best Instagram caption ideas for when you're on vacay in Big Bear, California!

For when you're looking at the beautiful view of the mountains:

"Still haven't seen a bear in Big Bear, but I'm not complaining."



For when your whole fam is on vacay together:

"It's a family affair in Big Bear!"



For that photo of your cute cabin in the woods:

"I'm beary happy to be staying in this cabin."



For when you're sipping hot cocoa:

"Snow angels, hot coca and Big Bear are all I need in life."



For when it's a starry night:

"On top of the Big Bear mountains and beneath the stars."



For that pic of the outside of your cabin for the week:

"Welcome to our Big Bear cabin."



For when you're grinning from ear to ear:

"Having a beary good time here."



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