Cheesy Instagram Captions That Celebrate All Things Cheugy

Gen Z has popularized the new term "cheugy," and we're obsessed.

Not only does it roll perfectly off the tongue, but the meaning itself is iconic, too! If you're unfamiliar with cheugy, it basically refers to something that used to be trendy, but is now super outdated and not "cool." Some examples include Ugg boots, the term "girl boss," skinny jeans, the show Friends, PSLs and much more.

We love some of the things deemed as cheugy, so does that make us cheugs? Maybe! Celebrate with us if you feel the same way with one of the following super cheesy Instagram captions that celebrate all things cheugy.

For when you show off that "live, laugh, love" sign hanging in your room:

"Live, laugh, love!"



For that pic of you rocking a pair of skinny jeans:

"Skinny jeans over everything"



For when you're stuffing your face with food:

"Last name hangry, first name always."



For that pic of you enjoying a PSL:

"But first, coffee."



For when you're in a power pose:

"Just a girl boss building her empire."



For that photo of your new side bangs:

"Life is too short to have boring hair."



For when you post a pic of you and your S.O.:

"You're the Ross to my Rachel."



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