7 Instagram Captions to Show Off Your Coffee Table Setup

Nothing beats the feeling of sitting on the couch and kicking up your feet on the coffee table.

We don't know about you, but we love hanging by the coffee table, especially when it's decorated cutely. If you consider yourself an amateur interior decorator, we're willing to bet your coffee table looks amazing. So why not show it off on social media? Keep scrolling for the best Instagram captions to show off your coffee table setup.

For when you want to show off how cute your coffee table is:

"My favorite setup in the house."



For that photo showing off your decorating skills:

"Just call me an interior decorator."



For when you love your coffee table:

"I love this little coffee table of mine."



For that pic of your precious coffee table:

"Welcome to my oasis."


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For when your coffee table needs more books:

"Send me all the book recs."



For that picture of your hot cup of coffee on your table:

"This coffee table situation is pure perfection."



For when you're vibing with this setup:

"The vibes are immaculate."



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