It seems like everyone and their mother is rocking curtain bangs at the moment, don’t you think?

And we are not complaining, because we love the hairstyle, too. It’s not as harsh as blunt cut bangs, and way cuter than side-parted bangs. It’s pretty much the ultimate combination of the two, and we’re obsessing over this ’70s throwback look. Are you planning on getting them any time soon? Keep scrolling for Instagram captions to use to show off your new curtain bangs.

For when your new curtain bangs are better than you could have hoped for:

“Bangs speak louder than words.”


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For that throwback photo of you when you were little with horrible bangs:

“While bangs don’t look good on everyone, confidence does.”

-Lauren Conrad


For that picture of you showing the different ways you rock your curtain bangs:

“Who needs mood rings when you have bangs?”



For when you finally unveil your new haircut to everyone:

“I finally made the cut.”



For that pic of you with newly dyed hair and curtain bangs:

“Life is too short to have boring hair.”



For when you cut your own curtain bangs but they don’t turn out too well:

“Note to self—don’t cut your own bangs.”



For that photo of you snapping a selfie to show off your new ‘do:

“Hopped on the curtain bang trend, and I must say—I look GOOD!”


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