10 Delicious Instagram Captions For All Your Dinners Delivered At Home

Food delivery might just be the best thing about living in the modern world.

Why put on real clothes and head out to interact with other humans at a restaurant when you can munch on delicious food from the comfort of your own home? Even better, delivered food requires almost no work from you. Instead of standing at the stove and dirtying pots and pans, you can just walk to the door and take your food from the delivery driver. It's that easy.

With so many benefits to food delivery, it simply has to be celebrated, preferably in the form of a social media post. Keep scrolling for 10 delicious Instagram captions for all your dinners delivered at home.

For a caption that explains why you love delivery so much:

"Food delivery is a combination of my three favorite things: food, not moving and avoiding people."

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For a photo of your third delivery order in as many days:

"Never say no to delivery."


For a photo of a delivery meal you paid way too much for:

"You call it getting robbed, I call it food delivery."

-Rosi S. Phillips


For a photo of you surrounded by way too many delivery boxes:

"Officially appointing myself the Queen of delivery food."


For a photo of you chowing down on your favorite delivery meal:

"UberEats is my new best friend."

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For a photo of a particularly delicious-looking fancy delivery meal:

"Remember when we had to go to restaurants to get good food? Those days were hard."


For a photo of you in your comfiest outfit right after your food arrived:

"Since I can order delivery, I may never leave the house again."


For a photo explaining just how important delivery is to you:

"Who needs a boyfriend when you have UberEats?"


For a photo admitting that your delivery habit might be out of control:

"The closest I've been to a diet this year is erasing food searches from my browser history."

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For a photo explaining why delivery is better than cooking:

"My friends tell me that cooking is easy, but it's not easier than not cooking."


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