15 Instagram Captions to Use When You're a Bridesmaid In a Wedding

If you've ever been to a wedding, you know how magical and truly special they can be.

But have you ever been in a wedding as a bridesmaid? That's a whole other ball game! Not only were you asked by the couple to stand by their side on their special day, but you get to experience the fun and joy that comes with it, too. Continue below for 15 of the best Instagram captions to use when you're a bridesmaid in a wedding.

For when you're posing with the whole squad:

"Thank you for including me in your special day. I love you both to pieces!"


For that photo of you in your bridesmaid dress:

"Always a bridesmaid, never a bride."


For when you share a photo of the couple:

"Showering the beautiful couple with love!"


For that picture of you and the bride loving on each other:

"Here's to the sister I got to choose."


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For when the bride looks stunning:

"That dress is so pretty, it makes my stomach hurt."

-Megan, Bridesmaids


For that photo of the newlyweds:

"Sending all of my love to the new Mr. and Mrs.!"


For when you and all of the bridesmaids are posing:

"THE most fun squad you ever did see!"


For that picture of the whole wedding party:

"He gets to marry her, but little does he know he's also stuck with us."


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For when you and the whole squad are posing with the bride:

"They got married and I got cake. Win-win, right?"


For that pic of the whole crew:

"Part of the 'I do' crew."


For when you have your party hat on:

"I'm ready to parrrtttaaayyyy!"

-Annie, Bridesmaids


For that pic of everyone in the bride tribe:

"Bride tribe."


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For when you're having the time of your life:

"This whole bridesmaids thing is ~goals~"


For that photo of you at the altar with the couple, definitely crying:

"If you saw me crying at the altar during the couples' vows, no you didn't."


For when you're all done with your hair and makeup:

"Bridesmaid reporting for duty!"


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