Instagram Captions for All Your Full-Length Mirror Selfies

If you don't have a full-length mirror in your room, what are you even doing with your life?

Our bathroom mirrors simply just don't cut it when it comes to seeing our whole outfit, which is why we love full-length mirrors. You can lean them against the wall, hang them, put them in the corner—there are so many fun options! If you feel like showing off your full-length mirror selfie to your friends on Instagram, use one of the following captions.

For that photo where the lighting just hits different:

"When the lightings this good, you can't not take a selfie."

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For when your makeup and hair are looking on-point:

"Fair warning, but you might fall in love with me."


For that pic of you gazing at yourself in the mirror:

"Mirror, mirror on the wall…"


For when your outfit is totally killing it:

"I never pass up an opportunity to show off a killer outfit."


For that photo posing in your vintage-style mirror:

"Feeling like a princess with this grand mirror."


For when you dragged yourself out of bed to take a selfie:

"I woke up like this (literally)."


For that cute pic of you practicing poses:

"Nothing's clearer than a new mirror."


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