Elle Evans Quotes From The Kissing Booth 2 to Use as Instagram Captions

With the recent release of Netflix'The Kissing Booth 2, our girl Joey King is back on everyone's radar.

This Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actress is among our fave young girls to watch, and for good reason! In addition to her stellar acting skills, Joey has a killer sense of style and a personality fans everywhere have fallen in love with. Her character Elle Evans in The Kissing Booth 2 is exactly the type of person we wish we could be friends with in real life.

Feel like sharing your love for her with your social media following? Use one of the following Elle Evans quotes from The Kissing Booth 2 as your next Instagram caption:

For that pic of you looking shocked:

"Just call me an earthquake, because I am legit shook right now."

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For when you show off your underwhelming slice of pizza:

"You have literally been letting me down your entire life."


For when you post a pic of you climbing on your S.O.'s back:

"I'm trying to be mature and not come off as some clingy girlfriend."


For that picture of you looking into your S.O.'s eyes:

"You obviously couldn't see this, but my heart just did a backflip."

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For when you're working out:

"I'm going to treat you like my own personal jungle gym."


For that pic of you at the beach surrounded by hotties:

"Am I looking at a tray of ice cubes of a six-pack?"


For when you post a pic with your BFF:

"Somebody thinks highly of themselves."


For that photo of you and your friends at the arcade:

"We're going to need slushies, churros and a vast number of quarters."

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