Lyrics From Kenzie Ziegler's Album, Phases, to Use as Instagram Captions

Kenzie Ziegler—the girl who once said, "I don't want to go on Broadway, I want to just stay home and eat chips" (which, btw, we feel you girl)—is now an incredibly talented singer.

Her latest album, Phases, is deep, personal and a favorite here at Sweety High. We love the raw lyrics, as they truly help us understand the daily, relatable struggles she goes through as a teen.

Whether you need an anthem to get you pumped up or one to cry to when you've just been dumped, Kenzie has a song for that. Keep reading for eight of our fave lyrics from Kenzie Ziegler's album, Phases, to use as Instagram captions:

For that pic of you and your S.O. posing in front of lots of lights:

"You light the way for me to wonderful."


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For that moody mirror selfie you took:

"Don't you know that you're worth more than the shirt on your back?"

-"Nothing on Us"


For when you're wearing something super unique:

"They all got a price, a price I gotta pay. They all got a game, but I don't wanna play."



For when you're being an independent woman:

"I don't need a star to wish on cause I'm feelin' like a rockstar."


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For that candid photo someone took of you talking to a friend:

"Look at me talk to my emotions."



For when you're going through a breakup and post a fire pic to show them what they're missing:

"You want his love but he ain't enough."

-"Ignore It"


For that adorable pic of you and your S.O. hugging:

"Deep down, you know, we belong together, cause I'm the one that knows you the most."



For when you and your bestie are leaning on each other, both physically and emotionally:

"Sometimes you've gotta fall to pieces to fall back into place."


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