8 Instagram Captions for All Your Luscious Lipgloss Pics

Lipgloss was probably the first beauty product any of us ever owned.

But just because we enjoyed it at the age of five doesn't mean we still can't. In fact, lipgloss is a must-have for anyone who's even slightly into makeup. The second we put it on, we feel like we can conquer the world. Whether it's the texture or how great it makes us look, there's no bad time to wear lipgloss.

Since you likely have tons of selfies featuring your shiny puckers, you might as well share the love with your followers. Scroll below for eight Instagram captions to use for all your luscious lipgloss pics:

For that pic of your insane lipgloss collection:

"Lipgloss boss."


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For that pic of you on a Monday:

"Sometimes you just have to put on lipgloss and pretend to be psyched."

-Mindy Kaling


For when you put on gloss before a big exam:

"Gloss on, worries gone."



For that pic of you showing off your glossy pout:

"A mouth without lipgloss, is like a cake without frosting."


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For when you're puckering your lips at the camera:

"They say my lip gloss is poppin,' my lip gloss is cool."

-Lil Mama


For that cute selfie you took featuring your new lipgloss:

"Lipgloss speaks louder than words."



For that funny pic of you with your hair in your face, messing up your gloss:

"Boys will never understand the struggle of long hair and lipgloss on a windy day."



For when you take a bomb picture highlighting your luscious, glossy lips:

"Today's forecast: 99% chance of lipgloss."


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