7 Instagram Captions to Use While Mercury is in Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is upon us.

This is a trying time, but together, we'll get through it. If you're super into astrology, chances are, you've been preparing for this time. It's when things are in disarray and nothing seems to go our way. Are you having a hard time dealing with it?

While Mercury is in Retrograde, use one of the following seven Instagram captions for your pics: 

For when you almost accidentally drown your boyfriend in the water:

"It's not me…it's Mercury Retrograde."



For that pic of you giving your S.O. puppy dog eyes:

"Sorry for the things I said while Mercury was in Retrograde."



For that pic of you with spilled coffee all over yourself:

"Me: I'm going to sail through Mercury Retrograde this time around! Mercury Retrograde: lol."



For when you find something beautiful in the midst of the madness:

"Mercury Retrograde isn't all that bad."


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For that pic of you looking into the camera with a sad face:

"I feel like Mercury is always in Retrograde."

-Noah Centineo


For when you're on the phone:

"Hey Mercury, it's me. Can you not right now?"



For that pic of your spilled ice cream:

"Mercury is out of Retrograde, so I guess I have to start blaming myself again."


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