Our Favorite Quotes From Netflix's Moxie to Use as Instagram Captions

Netflix released their latest original movie, Moxie, and it was everything we could have hoped for!

Just in time for International Women's Day, Moxie is about a rebellious teen who is sick of the blatant sexism going on at her school. So, she creates an anonymous zine (which is basically a mini-magazine) and calls people out. It's all sorts of amazing, inspirational, funny and just plain awesome.

Did you like the movie as much as we did? Keep scrolling for some of our favorite quotes from Moxie to use as Instagram captions.

For when you think you're flying under the radar:

"It's so nice not to be on anyone's radar."



For that pic of you stuck in traffic:

"Traffic was horrible. I let three people merge, and not one wave. It's a heartless town we live in."



For when you're at a rally:

"If you're doing nothing, than you're part of the problem."



For that photo of you with your favorite teacher:

"Unless one of you young people fixed global warming, your summer vacations were boring and don't matter."

-Mr. Davies


For when your dog is running away from you:

"Hey, are we still mad at each other?"



For that pic of your coffee order with almond milk:

"Milk is bad. People aren't supposed to drink milk anymore."



For when you're whispering in your S.O.'s ear:

"I kind of like being the only one that knows right now."


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For that throwback picture of your mom:

"When I was 16, all I cared about was smashing the patriarchy."



For when you and your bestie are giving your best power poses:

"You really think you could lead a revolt and I wouldn't notice?"



For that photo of you eating healthy food for once:

"This isn't normal. She usually lives off frozen pizza and ice cream."



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