Quotes From Netflix's Tiny Pretty Things to Use as Instagram Captions

If you've been on Netflix at least once in the last few days, chances are, you saw the trailer for Tiny Pretty Things.

Netflix's new show is all about a dance academy, and the aftermath of what happens when a girl is attacked. It's all sorts of ominous, brilliant and binge-worthy. Not to mention, the dancing is simply out of this world. If you've yet to see the series yet, go watch it now!

But if you are a fan of the show, use one of the following quotes from Tiny Pretty Things as your next Instagram caption:

For when you get a candid shot from your routine:

"Knowing the steps doesn't mean you belong."



For that photo of your torn up, bloody ballet shoes:

"Ballet is no place for redemption."



For when you're dancing your heart out onstage:

"I can find the tiny pretty things you love and tear their wings off."



For that pic of you and your dance partner killing it:

"A partner doesn't have to be a friend."



For when you show off your pirouettes:

"Balance is an act of faith."



For that photo of you sweating your butt off in dance practice:

"I promise you, I'm not your enemy."



For when you show off that pic of you post-class:

"It's exhausting, isn't it? All these lies?"



For that picture of your dance team:

"There is no magical thread connecting your head to the heavens. Nothing beneath you but the unforgiving wood of a stage floor."



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