14 Hilarious and Relatable Quotes From Season 2 of Never Have I Ever to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

When the first season of Never Have I Ever came out last year on Netflix, it was an unexpected and welcome show that we quickly fell in love with.

After following the teen antics of Devi and watching her get into tons of trouble, we were so excited to find out that Season 2 was released! After bingeing it in one weekend, we can say we honestly think it's even better than the first season. Don't believe us? Keep scrolling for 14 hilarious and relatable quotes from Season 2 of Never Have I Ever, that also double as great Instagram captions.

For when you're rocking out to Megan Thee Stallion:

"My mom doesn't tell me how to live my life. Megan Thee Stallion does."



For that pic of you wearing a Harry Styles shirt:

"I recently had to convince my mom that I'm not forsaking my religion because I tweeted, 'Harry Styles is my god.'"



For when you're trying on tons of funny costumes:

"Let's go to the costume room and look for inspiration."



For that photo of you showing off your new nose ring:

"One hot girl nose ring, please."



For when you and your friends are dressed up in a group costume:

"Not interested in joining whatever cult this is. Thank you very much."



For that picture of you looking like a nerd:

"Salutations, my proteges."

-Mr. Shapiro


For when you're on a date with your S.O.:

"Dinner? At your house? You and me? Eating together? At the same table?"



For that pic of you at a protest:

"Wow Devi, I'm impressed that you've been able to take your rage problem and attach it to systemic racism and sexism."



For when you're kissing your pet dog:

"I would have kissed anyone!"



For that picture of you definitely not on a private jet:

"My dad has access to a PJ… a private jet."



For when you're more of a Doja Cat fan:

"What's a Bebe Rexha?"



For that picture of you post-tripping or falling:

"What an unexpected displeasure."



For when you finish running a 5K and are stuffing your face with a donut:

"These hit different when you earn them."



For that picture of you enjoying a slurpee:

"I'm chill as a slurpee, bro."



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