8 Witty Instagram Captions for When You Get New Hair Extensions

The most confident woman is one who has just gotten her hair done.

We've all been there—you walk out of the salon with the wind blowing through your luscious locks, feeling ready to take on the world. But when you get extensions, it's on a whole new level. You're walking—no, strutting—around with your new mane, waiting for the onslaught of compliments that are sure to come. Sound like you?

Keep reading for eight Instagram captions for pics of your new hair extensions:

For when you're showing off your before and after pics:

"New week. New hair."


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For that selfie you took in perfect lighting:

"It's not a wig, but it's also not all my real hair."



For when your hair is looking on point and you're wearing a cute outfit:

"They say to invest in your hair because it's the crown you never take off. But I'm wearing clip-ins."



For that photo of your intricate hair:

"'You is kind. You is smart. You is important.'—Me talking to my hair."

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For when you're wearing colored extensions:

"Life is too short to have boring hair."



For that then-and-now collage you post of your hair:

"'Who is she?'—Me talking to pics of myself pre-hair extensions."



For that pic of you and your bestie posing for the camera:

"Love is telling someone their extensions are showing."

-Natasha Leggero


For when you're wearing your ponytail clip-in extensions:

"Idk why everyone thinks my hair's fake. It just grows really fast!"


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