Best Quotes From Outer Banks to Use as Instagram Captions

By now, we're willing to bet you've binged all of Netflix'Outer Banks in one sitting… that wasn't just us, right?

This show took us by surprise, and we instantly fell in love with its characters. John B., the obvious fan favorite, is a super lovable mega-hunk. We just adore him so much. Then, of course, there's the rest of the gang and his new love interest, Sarah. With a string of backstories, characters and more, this show is the perfect way to distract yourself during quarantine.

Feel like showing off your newfound obsession with your friends? Keep scrolling for the best quotes from Outer Banks to use as Instagram captions:

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For that pic of you and your S.O. kissing:

"Hey, do you remember when you kissed me?"



For when you and the whole gang are posing together:

"No pogue-on-pogue macking."



For that pic of you and your pup who hates being hugged:

"You love being seen with me, but you don't love me."



For when you have a bomb pic to share with your followers:

"Dad, the WiFi's not working, I can't post anything … There was a hurricane, sweetheart."

-Wheezie and Ward

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For that picture of you and your bestie being silly:

"Woogity woogity woogity!"



For when you're at the beach digging for treasure:

"I'm on a treasure hunt."

-John B.


For that photo of you giving back to the earth:

"Biggest pet peeve? Easy. Giving 1% to the environment. We only have one earth, we should be giving it 100%, bare minimum."



For that collage of you and the gang looking fire:

"Wait, you, guys, we're gonna be rich! Full kook, full kook, full kook!"

-The gang

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