Cute Instagram Captions for When Your Sibling Graduates From School

Thanks to coronavirus, many things are changing.

One of those things, unfortunately, is graduation. Ceremonies aren't taking place in a traditional manner. They're either being postponed or done on the internet. During these strange times, it's important to lift up those graduates and remind them the specialness of their accomplishment.

If you have a sibling graduating from school, use one of the following Instagram captions:

For that adorable pic of you with your sister after her graduation:

"Congratulations, sis! I can't believe you actually made it to graduation."


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For when your sibling is obsessed with High School Musical:

"Sorry you're not getting the High School Musical graduation of your dreams."



For that pic of you pretending to steal your sibling's diploma:

"I deserve some recognition for helping you study! Just kidding, happy graduation!"



For when your brother is truly an incredible person and you're so proud of him:

"Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before."

-Lady Gaga

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For that picture of you hugging your sibling on their special day:

"The best is yet to come. Congrats on your graduation!"



For when you and your sibling are doing a funny pose:

"You're the most dedicated person I know. I'm so proud of you."



For that photo of your sibling looking so happy after graduating:

"This is just the beginning to what you will accomplish in life. I love you!"


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