7 Seriously Cute Instagram Captions for All Your Pics Wearing Slippers

Nothing beats the feeling of taking your shoes off after a long day and sliding into a pair of slippers.

You're free to do as you please in your cozies and no one can judge you. Whether your besties are staying the night for a sleepover or you're heading over to your local coffee shop to pick up a cup of Joe, slippers will always have a place in your heart. If you don't own a pair, you need to get some, especially if you're prone to cold feet.

The next time you snap a pic of your slippers, make sure you use one of these seriously cute Instagram captions:

For when your pup photobombs a pic of your slippers:

"Home is where your slippers are."



For that pic of your new slippers you totally plan on wearing in public:

"Good shoes take you good places."



For that picture you took wearing your slippers while laying in bed:

"To the window to the wall. To the comfy bed I crawl."



For that photo of you staying in enjoying a nice cup of coffee on a cold day:

"Stay cozy."


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For when your besties are over and you're all wearing slippers:

"Friendship is a sleepless sleepover."



For that pic of you wearing slippers on your tile flooring:

"It's easier to put on slippers than to carpet the whole world."

-Al Franken


For when you're already over the week, so you put on your slippers:

"It's been a long week. -Me, in the middle of Tuesday"


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