Best Instagram Captions for All Your Snakeskin Outfit Posts

We live for an animal print moment.

Our fave this season? Snakeskin—duh. It's versatile and looks good on virtually anyone. Throw it on a purse, dress, shoes, jacket—it can be pulled off by any garment. Chances are, you already have at least one snakeskin print possession in your closet.

So, the next time you take a cute pic in your snakeskin outfit, use one of these Instagram captions for your post:

For that pic of you with snake-inspired makeup:

"The snake will always bite back."

-Jake Roberts

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For when you're wearing a snakeskin hat:

"The sorting hat said I'm in Slytherin."



For that pic of you holding your friend's pet snake:

"Snakes are friends, not fangs."



For that pic of you strutting, rocking snakeskin:

"While you weren't paying attention, this snake successfully stole your heart."


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For that funny pic of you and all your friends in snakeskin:

"Surrounded by snakes and fakes."



For when it's your birthday and you're wearing a snakeskin dress:

"Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again."



For when you're wearing your cute snakeskin booties:

"Just call me a slithery, sneaky serpent."


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