Instagram Captions for All Your Easter Pics Amid Social Distancing

We're living in some pretty strange times, thanks to coronavirus.

Since we're forced to stay away from others and the outside world, certain things, like birthdays and holidays, are going to be very different. With Easter Sunday just a few days away, it's going to be unlike any we've ever encountered. If you celebrate the religious holiday, chances are, you'll stream a church service and watch it with your family.

Keep scrolling if you need some Instagram caption ideas for pics of you celebrating Easter amid social distancing.

For that picture of your own version of the Easter Bunny:

"Asking the Easter Bunny for a chance to see my friends. It's really not too much to ask!"


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For when you're already antisocial and make a joke about it:

"For Lent I gave up socializing… lucky me! Happy Easter everyone!"



For that hilarious screenshot of your fam trying to Zoom:

"Since I couldn't visit my grandparents this Easter, we decided to do a Zoom call. These are the results."



For when you post a pic of your decorated Easter eggs:

"This Easter I'm making it my mission to find out why a bunny leaves eggs. After all, I've got plenty of time on my hands!"



For that pic of you and your fam on Easter:

"This is definitely the weirded Easter I've ever experienced. Still feeling thankful!"



For when you're in your Easter Sunday best:

"Praying that by the time the next Easter rolls around, we won't be quarantining."



For that pic of you in your Easter pajamas:

"Creating new traditions this Easter… staying in my PJs all day!"


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