7 Instagram Captions for All Your Social Distancing Pics

Social distancing… the term we've all suddenly come to loathe, has taken over our lives because of the Coronavirus.

We stay inside as much as we can, watch way too much T.V., don't get to see our friends face-t0-face and have to maintain a six-foot distance from anyone when we venture out in public. It's pretty safe to say these are weird times we're living in.

If you feel like showing off how you social distance, use one of the following Instagram captions for all your quarantine pics!

For that mirror pic of you looking defeated:

"When you realize you've been social distancing for the last year…"


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For when you post that pic of you and your friends on FaceTime:

"Social distancing is so hot right now."



For when your smile is almost bigger than your entire face:

"My inner introvert was so happy when I found out I had to social distance."



For that pic of you lounging in the grass by yourself:

"When you find out your daily lifestyle is actually called quarantine."


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For that before pic of your perfect eyebrows:

"I'm going to have a unibrow after this is all over."



For when you're sitting in front of the T.V. bored out of your mind:

"I never thought I'd say this… but I'm sick of Netflix."



For that pic of your adorable dogs sitting together:

"My dogs are the only thing getting me through social distancing."



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