The Best Instagram Captions for All Your Staycation Shots

Summer vacation is a bit different this year thanks to coronavirus.

Since we're pretty much in a constant state of quarantine, most of us won't be able to go on a getaway. However, if you use a bit of imagination, you can still go on a vacation… of sorts. Whether you decide to hang out by your pool and pretend like you're in the tropics, or you treat yourself to an at-home spa day while picturing yourself at a resort, it's better than sulking on the couch!

Keep scrolling for the best Instagram captions for all your staycation shots.

For that pic of you lounging in the pool:

"Fake it til you make it."


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For when you photoshop the Eiffel Tower behind you:

"It's amazing what a bit of photoshop can do."



For that picture of you relaxing at home:

"A vacation is having nothing to do and having all day to do it."

-Robert Orben


For when you show off your backyard setup:

"The staycation of my dreams!"


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For that cute photo of you and your girls wearing face masks:

"Enlisted the help of my friends for a spa day."



For when you're letting your nails dry:

"Can't talk. Busy."



For that pic of you lounging outside, getting your tan on:

"To travel is to live, even if it's just to your backyard."


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