7 Sassy Instagram Captions for Pics of Your Beautifully Straightened Hair

Straight hair just hits different… especially if you have curly hair to begin with.

Running your fingers through deliciously velvety, smooth locks, is such an amazing feeling—one you only get to enjoy every so often. And you just know you're going to be snapping selfies every waking second. You can't help if the fans want to see your 'do!

Keep reading for seven sassy Instagram captions for pics of your beautifully straightened hair:

For that pic of you looking fierce in a new outfit:

"Straight hair-me and curly hair-me are two very different people."


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For when you show off your masterpiece that took forever to accomplish:

"Three hours later but we finally made it, y'all!"



For when half of your hair has been brushed and straightened, and the other half has been brushed and is au-natural:

"People with straight hair ask me why I don't brush my curly hair. This is why!"



For that photo of you showing off your fresh blowout:

"Blowout? $50. The compliments you'll receive after? Priceless."


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For that pic of your hair that turned frizzy from the rain:

"Spent an hour straightening my hair this morning. On today of all days it just had to start raining."



For when you post a pic of your straight hair and you just know people are going to ask if you have extensions:

"No, I did not get extensions. My hair just looks longer when it's straight."



For when you're looking directly into the camera with a smirk on your newly straightened hair:

"I don't always straighten my hair, but when I do, I get hundreds of likes."

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