The official start of summer is right around the corner, but why not start the festivities now?

Do you have any plans lined up? Days at the beach or lake? Going on a shopping spree? Heading out on a road trip? Whatever it is, we hope you’re doing it with a fabulous group of friends, just be sure to capture it on camera!

Keep scrolling for Instagram captions to use for pics of you and your summer friend group.

For when you and your besties are out on the open water, taking in the sun’s rays:

“Girls just wanna have sun.”


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For that photo of you and your crew jumping over a fence:

“Good friends don’t let their friends do stupid stuff—alone.”



For when you’re playing in the waves with all your BFFs:

“High tide or low tide, I’ll stay by your side.”



For that hilarious photo showing off all the weird things you and your friends get into:

“Say hello to the weirdest group of people you’ll ever meet.”



For when you snap a photo of your friends sneaking food from each other:

“Friends buy your food. Best friends eat your food.”



For that photo of you being the goofy one out of the whole group:

“Admit it, summer would be boring without me.”



For when you’re all wearing adorable jeans:

“I don’t know what’s tighter—our jeans, or our friendship.”



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