10 Heart-Wrenching Lyrics From Zayn's Latest Album, Nobody Is Listening, As Instagram Captions

Zayn finally dropped Nobody Is Listening, his latest album, today.

It's everything we could have ever hoped for and it completely took our breath away. Each track evokes a new type of emotion, and we are here for it. Have you listened to any of the songs yet? Good luck choosing a favorite! Keep scrolling for 10 of the best and most heart-wrenching lyrics from Zayn's latest album, Nobody Is Listening, to use as your next Instagram caption.

For when you're hugging your S.O. in front of a crowd of people:

"To tеll the truth, I'm tired of falling. When I'm floating, I'm closer to you."

-"River Road"

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For that pic of you looking off into the distance:

"Nostalgia, what a funny feelin'. I feel depleted from feelings I've been revealin'."



For when you're looking hot in a brand new outfit:

"I'm sure she'd tempt Satan if she ain't the devil herself."



For that picture of you holding your dog that's trying to get away:

"Just this one time, hear what I'm tryna say. Know you might not feel quite the same way. But I love you."



For when your partner is hovering over you and you're looking up into their eyes:

"Keep me up until the mornin'. You could see it in my aura. You've been givin' it your all and I'm fallin' for you."

-"When Love's Around"

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For that pic of you at the top of a mountain:

"I'm already up here and I got my eyes closed. And I ain't never fell from a love this tall."



For when you're swimming with your S.O.

"I don't wanna miss out on another love. So I'm gonna dive right in."



For that picture of you sweating post-workout:

"Oh, drippin' down your body like gold."



For when you're wearing your partner's T-shirt:

"The T-shirt that you're wearing, that's my favorite. Damn, I really thought that we would make it."



For that photo of you daydreaming:

"I'ma do all the things. Type of things that happen in your dreams."


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