6 Important Things to Consider When Instagram Makes You Feel Left Out

Feeling left out isn't something that goes away with age or maturity—it's, unfortunately, a fact of life.

Especially with social media, an innocuous hangout between a few people can come off as the end of the world to an outsider looking in.

Before you send angry DMs to a pal who didn't invite you to a pool day, take note of these six important things to consider when Instagram makes you feel left out.

1. It May Have Been Super Last-Minute

We can't tell you how many times we've laid in bed on a lazy Saturday and had a friend text us out of the blue to grab a bite, simply because we live the closest to them of all their friends. And, as we're eating, someone texts them to get a bite, and sure enough, it becomes a group hang. It's totally spontaneous, and the friends involved aren't even considering that you may feel left out because there was no plan.

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2. There May Have Been Limited Space

We, fortunately, get invited to many events at Sweety High, and as much as we'd love to bring our whole entourage along, we usually only get a +1 (if we're lucky!). This is just one of many examples of limited space. If you see your pals at Disneyland, you never know if someone had two free passes to share. If you see friends at dinner, you never know if someone's parents took out a small group. It's very often when there's truly not enough room to include you, and there was no malintent behind it.


3. People May Have Thought You Were Busy

Sure, if you're excluded by your absolute BFF who you're constantly in contact with, that may be a sign of trouble—but, in general, if you're a social butterfly who is frequently on the go, people may assume you're already busy when they make plans. Often, people would rather avoid rejection than entertain the possibility of you joining in.

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4. You May Not Be Close With the Host

Before you go crazy over the lack of invite, consider who could have initiated the hangout. If it's someone you're not close to, or, more importantly, don't get along with, it's pretty obvious why you weren't invited. And even if it was a close pal who initiated the get-together, if they know there's tension between you and a guest who was initially included, welp, there's your answer.


5. Instagram Painted an Inaccurate Picture

Have you ever lost your mind over a big group of pals at a brunch spot, only to find out they simply ran into each other? Happens to us all the time. Brunch, a party, wherever. In plenty of instances, people just happen to be in the same place at the same time, and they think it's funny, so why not post? Or maybe someone brought someone along at the last minute. Truly, Instagram is a very exaggerated version of real life, so before you get upset, consider the potential reality. Also, people post throwbacks a lot, so who knows? The photo may not even be current!

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6. There May, Indeed, Be Some Underlying Tension Between You and a Pal

Okay, as much as we want to believe being left out is all in our heads (and in most cases it really is!), there is indeed a chance that there's a little dramz brewing between you and a pal. Take a step back to rethink your most recent exchanges (via text, social media and in person) with the people involved, and consider whether or not there's actually more to the lack of invite. Obviously, no matter the situation, if you still do feel like your lack of inclusion is intentional, you should delicately bring up the issue to the people in question. No need for a sarcastic DM or harsh attack—simply tell them it looked fun and you wish you'd been included. This way, you'll either know it was due to one of the reasons above, or there's an issue that needs resolving.


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