These Rose-Shaped Fruits and Veggies Will Totally Mesmerize You

Food – we love it, we eat it and we occasionally even just stare at it. ?

If you're a foodie like us, you might already be familiar with Instagram user @secretsquirrelfood, who is known for posting the most mouth-watering treats on her page. She recently uploaded five food art videos where she transforms the most delectable fruits and veggies into alluring roses!

Be warned, you will be mesmerized.


Exhibit A: The Plum Rose


Exhibit B: The Kiwi Rose


Exhibit C: The Mango Rose


Exhibit D: The Tomato Rose

It's a TOMATO ROSE!! ❤️❤️❤️ Hehehe your salads will never be boring again!!! What next?? ? #tomatorose #foodart

A video posted by Karen McLean (@secretsquirrelfood) on


Exhibit E: The Avocado Rose


Mind. Blown.

Tomatoes, Avoado, Mango and Strawberries shaped like roses

(via @secretsquirellfood)


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