15 of the Most Beautiful Ice Cream Cones on Instagram

Ice cream is always Instagramable. Don't even try to argue that. ????

Three ice cream cones on a purple background

(Photo Credit: The Bakery via Shutterstock)

More and more Insta users are taking to the platform to show off their frozen desserts—and we're not complaining.

Take a look at these 15 ice cream cones that are totally camera-ready.


1. Matcha Ice Cream With Red Bean Filling, Mochi, Matcha Powder and Strawberries

Does this not sound like a heavenly combo? And just look at that fish cone. Absolutely adorable.

Everything is better in pairs. ???????????????? #taiyakinyc – Check out the brand new ice cream shop @taiyakinyc opening tomorrow in Manhattan Chinatown. The black sesame is my favorite, and the people running the place are as cool as the yummy ice cream they sell! ???????????????????? – Pictured: (Left to Right): Matcha Better – matcha ice cream, red bean filling, mochi, matcha powder, strawberries, wafer. Straight Outta Japan – matcha/black sesame swirl, red bean filling, mochi, wafer. ????@taiyakinyc ✊???? @foodmento ???? Chinatown, NYC ????????TAG YOUR FRIENDS!???????? – #icecream #dessertbae #dessert #sweets #eatingnewyork #dailyfoodfeed #spoonuniversity #eatupnyc #foodilysm #buzzfeast #sogood #tryitordiet #eatfamous #bestfoodworld #nomnomnom #nomnom #eatmunchies #lovefood #nycfat #instafood #topnycrestaurants #topcitybites #myfab5 #eatguide #hkig #???? #???? #foodpornography #????

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2. Pomegranate and Sea Salt Ice Cream on a Bed of Fairy Floss

Ice cream served on top of a fluff of cotton candy is the definition of dessert goals.


3. Sea Salt and Panden Soft Serve with a Toasted Marshmallow

The colors, the flavors, the perfectly toasted marshmallow? Everything about this treat screams "Instagram me!"


4. Rainbow Slab Ice Cream

Hello, you beautiful, vibrant piece of sweet goodness. Layers of decadent ice cream add up to create this towering masterpiece.


5. Petite Bunny Ice Cream

Anytime food is shaped like an animal, we're a fan. How could you devour this treat without taking a picture first?!


6. Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Ice Cream on Waffle Cones

If you haven't tried a puffle cone yet, do yourself a favor and go grab one immediately. It's the waffle-lover's dream cone. ????????


7. Nutella Ice Cream with Valrhona Crunchy Pearls

If Nutella is involved, we're in. Throw chocolate crunchy pearls into the mix, and we're head-over-heels. We could 'gram this cone all day.


8. Animal-Inspired Gelato

Stop. It. Right. Now. Pig and bear gelato? Snap that cuteness, quick. ????


9. S'mores Rolled Ice Cream

We could stare at this rolled ice cream all day. It's straight up mesmerizing.

S'mores rolled ice cream #eaaats #nyceeeeeats #eatingfortheinsta // creds to @nycfoodgals

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10. Rainbow Soft Serve

Each layer of soft serve has a different color of the rainbow. We're not sure how this is possible, but we are throughly impressed. ????


11. Vanilla Soft Serve in a Churro Cone

Our fave fair food is now in cone form, and we couldn't be more happy. Forget the ice cream–in this case we'd be fine with eating just the cone!

Some things are just better on Instagram….????????????????????????see the story unfold on @patriciachangny's snapchat. @suntokie

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12. Fruity Pebbles-Sprinkled Fro Yo in a Birthday Cake Cone

Another cone we'd gladly eat on its own! This birthday cake piece of work is sure to be tasty and it's obviously not too hard on the eyes. 


13. Vanilla Soft Serve in a Rice Krispies Bowl

If we're going to opt for a bowl instead of a cone, it has to be this Rice Krispies bowl. Uh-mazing on so many levels.

sunday sundae @16handles #misterkrisp

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14. Pretzel Ice Cream in a Pretzel Cone

If you're craving salty, sweet and totally Instagramable, this pretzel ice cream and cone are the answer to your prayers. Yum. ????


15. Flower Ice Cream

These floral treats are almost too pretty to eat. Can you believe the things we can create with our food?!

Eating my favorite food in my favorite place with my favorite galz ❤ #LosAngeles

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