6 Critical Things You MUST Remember Before Posting to Instagram

There's no better feeling than taking a ???? selfie and posting on Insta for the world to see, amirite? 

But a seemingly harmless pic of you flashing a peace sign in your signature pink lipstick or being out to lunch with your squad could, in fact, be problematic.

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Not that we're saying it's necessarily the case, but more times than not, we overlook all the little things that accompany these tame (or so we think) shots.

Below are six things you must consider before posting on Instagram:

1. You Could Offend Someone

Is your outfit or the way you're wearing your hair an example of cultural appropriation? Is your caption or what you're saying in the post a rant about a person, place or thing that could set people off? While what you're wearing might seem harmless to you, you need to think about the message you're giving off to essentially the entire world. If you're certain your post really is harmless, then post away.

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2. Anything Can Be Screen-Grabbed

File this under the duh category, but we have to emphasize it anyway! Anything you post can be screen-grabbed and therefore referred back to at any point in time. So, even though you can technically delete a post from your feed, it doesn't ever really go away. By the time even a second goes by since you've posted, your image could already be in the hands (or screens) of everyone in your grade. So until you're 100% sure that you want a particular image on your permanent social media record, then hold off.


3. You Could Hurt Someone's Feelings

You may be having the time of your life on a yacht this summer with one of your pals, but could posting a photo make an absent friend feel left out? Could it seem like your post is rubbing it in that you guys are hanging out without them? Could it make them feel like you purposely went behind their back? There's absolutely nothing wrong with showing off your #BFFgoals pic, but before posting, consider how the image might make others feel.

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4. You Could Reveal Too Much Information

We're pretty sure your parents have had this conversation with you many times, but we're here to reinstate facts: You really need to be careful about how much information you reveal on Instagram. We know that the average person posts their location without putting much thought into it, but letting your followers know your every move in real time, or giving off distinct clues about where you live is the ultimate safety no-no.

Before carelessly giving up all your info, be a little more mysterious and only tag the city you're in. Or if you really want to post from a restaurant or other specific place, hold off until you leave, so no one knows that exact moment you're there. We get that you want to share your life with the world, but do it a little more discreetly. Even if your page is private, it's not fully exempt from being seen by the wrong people.


5. You Could Give Off the Wrong Idea

Are you posing with a friend who happens to have a girlfriend? Could a caption you might post give off the wrong impression about something? You may not mean anything by what you consider an innocent photo or caption, but if there's any thought in your mind that the post could be misconstrued, do not post it.

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6. Even If Your Page Is Private, It Could Still Be Seen by Adults

You may think your private page is totally free from the eyes of your parents, teachers and other adults, but you'd be surprised by the ability they have to gain access. While it's not super common, you should still post everything with the intention that they're going to see. The last thing you need is to receive an incredibly uncomfortable lecture, thanks to what you thought was a silly pic.


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